Waza Community Quilt


The Waza Quilt was hand-dyed with indigo, machine pieced, and finished with a collective of hand-stitches at Heroku’s developer event in San Francisco know as Waza. 
Heroku’s Waza (技) conference celebrates the art of software development through technical sessions and unique happenings. This year’s event was held at the SF Concourse Exhibition Center on Feb 28, 2013.
It was an honor and joy sharing the craft and techniques used to make quilts. As it turns out there is logic in bringing a quilt to a tech conference. The conversation at Waza was about what’s happening in technology, how people are thinking about the future, and how the landscape of technology is changing.
Through technical sessions and non-technical, artistic, and interactive happenings, Waza celebrates what it means to embrace art, technique and the creative process in software development.
Most often the quilt participants would say, “this is a lot harder than it looks”. The sentiment was nice to hear but I also enjoyed the systematic questions engineers had for hand stitching, such as, “how long do the stitches have to be?”
Overall there was a shared appreciation for the function of binding together layers of fabric to make a quilt, that can provide beauty and warmth.
I plan on doing more of these “Community Quilting Bees” in the future, so if your company, organization or club is interested in collaborating with me on a quilt, please get in touch: [email protected]


Source: http://bppro.link/?c=QXb

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