This Week in Travel – Episode 226


This week’s guest is Stefan Krasowski from Rapid Travel Chai and Frequent Traveler University to talk about travel deals, mileage deals, and travel tips.

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This Week’s News: is Giving Away Free Passports
United has a new plan to avoid overbooked flights
Three more Princess ships getting Ocean Medallion capability
Would You Take a Ride in the Hyperloop Hotel?
People are paying $115 to fall asleep in San Francisco and wake up in Los Angeles
Disney is opening an immersive Star Wars Hotel where each guest gets a storyline

Stefan’s Tips:

Ride Cabin
JetBlue Amazon credits
The Star Wars Traveler
Frequent Miler
View from the Wing
IHG Hotels Card

Picks Of The Week:

Chris –
Gary – Sugru Moldable Glue
Jen – GoPro Quik Key microSD Card Reader
Gary – becoming a Travel Photography Academy affiliate partner
Jen- Lumy – Helps You Track Photographic Times
Steven – Express VPN
Steven – DroneMate App
Steven –
Steven – Vypr VPN


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