‘Terra Battle 2’ and ‘Terra Wars’ Character Trailers Show Off More of the Upcoming Games

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I know that a lot of our readers are looking forward to getting their hands on Terra Battle 2 and Terra Wars, the upcoming games from Final Fantasy creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, so I’m sure you will enjoy the new trailers that show off the characters you’ll encounter or play as in both games. The Terra Battle 2 one shows off characters like Kit, Kukurakan, Piz’Fa, and many others, and I really like the art in the trailer. The Terra Wars one is probably going to give you a headache because of how it’s edited, but if you manage to make it through, you’ll see the claymation models the game will be using, and they look quite cool. I’m glad to see that the games are using two distinct art styles, and I’m always a sucker for claymation no matter the content.

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If you haven’t read our previous stories on the two games, Terra Battle 2 is the sequel to the social RPG Terra Battle [Free], which was quite successful and fun to play (check out our review for more on it). If you haven’t pre-registered for it yet, you can go here and sign up. The more people pre-register, the better the rewards for everyone, so make sure you sign up. Terra Wars will offer a whole new world and story and re-designed gameplay, so expect the two upcoming games to play and look very differently. No word on release dates yet, so patience is the name of the game.

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