‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’ Adds Territory Battles and Rebel Officer Leia Organa

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes [Free] continues to expand, and the latest update has added a new feature called Territory Battles. Territory Battles are all about letting your guild get together and trying to┬áconquer as many territories of the battlefield as possible. Each territory has its own objectives and activities, so this feature shouldn’t feel repetitive and grindy. Territory Battles come with time limits, and the more Territory Points your Guild earns within that period, the better the rewards at the end of the event. Any reason to play with friends is welcome, and it looks like Territory Battles will require coordination, which should make the whole thing more fun.

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The new mode will let you go on Combat, Platoon, and Special Missions, each with different objectives. Combat Missions will have you battling through multiple waves of enemies using a custom squad, Platoon Missions have you using your expanded character collection, and Special Missions look like the Combat ones but have some great rewards, including Rebel Officer Leia Organa. If you’ve been playing the game, Territory Battles should give you more things to do and another fun way to get rewards. The new feature is live now, so go coordinate.

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