Safer taxis via female-only Uber

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Add / Remove Uber may have revolutionized the taxi industry, but there have been a number of assaults and rapes by its drivers, and many passengers — women in particular — feel unsafe using the service. Aiming to rectify this is Chariot for Women, the female-only taxi service that is set to launch in Boston next week. Chariot for Women will only employ stringently background-checked female drivers, and only serve women, children under 13 and trans women. The company was founded by former Uber driver Michael Pelletz, who, after experiencing an unsettling journey one night was inspired to create a rideshare company that prioritized safety. The business will operate through an app, much like its predecessors, but with additional safety features. For example, when a ride is booked both parties will be sent a safe word, and the ride will only start when the driver has said the right safe word. Chariot For Women will also donate 2 percent of every fare to women-based charities. Unfortunately, Chariot For Women’s female-only policies could be problematic in terms of gender discrimination law, especially its pledge to only hire women. How could the business be adapted to provide a safer service within the law? Website: Contact: [email protected] The post Safer taxis via female-only Uber appeared first on Springwise.


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