Navigation app red-zones high crime areas

Add / Remove Most urban cities have areas that are unsafe and intimidating. Long-time residents often instinctively avoid such streets, but newcomers and tourists don’t always know about them. Now, RedZone is a navigation app that will help anyone stay safe in a new city by providing location-based crime data in real-time. RedZone combines crime data from government agencies with reports from its community of users to provide a real-time guide to which areas of a city should be avoided. Crimes are marked onto the map with color-coded tags, so that users can see where events such as shootings, assaults or thefts have taken place, enabling them to avoid problematic areas completely. Users can map a route, as with other navigation apps, and they will be offered both a safe route and a risky route. RedZone also enables users to view up-to-date comments or media from other users about a developing situation, and to drop a new pin if they witness a crime. We have already seen Rudder enable nocturnal walkers to locate the most well-lit route from point A to point B. How else could navigation apps be adapted with safety in mind? Website: Contact: The post Navigation app red-zones high crime areas appeared first on Springwise.


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