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Finding my voice as an artist has been an incredible and fulfilling experience. It started with a vision and was propelled by passion. When your doing something you love people will notice. That’s the truth from the inside out. I met my husband Chap in Savannah, Georgia while attending college. He was studding interaction design and I was focused on fiber arts. His primary career over the years has been programing, and it’s his career that helped launched my career. When I opened the doors to Folk Fibers in 2011 he supported me emotionally and financially. As I grew the business he was inspired to help with the logistics. The partnership happened naturally and it’s now the strength of the business. We are still figuring-it-out as we go but that’s the beauty of it, for something to stay alive it has to grow and change. I’d like to introduce Chapman Ambrose, my husband my partner. We are the hearts and minds behind Folk Fibers, living our dreams together in Texas. 
Photos taken by our friend Josh Goleman on a recent trip to Maine. 


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Essential Survival Items
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