‘Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze’ is Free for the First Time, Episode 2: Cleopatra’s Curse Out Now

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Tin Man Games released Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze [Free] back in February of this year. The game puts you in the super styling shoes of Phryne Fisher, a detective in 1920’s Melbourne and the protagonist of the Australian television drama, and popular Netflix offering, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. The game is a visual novel adventure with a heavy dose of puzzle game mixed in and does a great job capturing the spirit of the show. The first episode of the game, The Deathly Maze, features Fisher’s investigation into a murder she witnesses at the opera.

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Episode 2, Cleopatra’s Curse just released a couple days ago and focuses on a new murder, this time in Broome, a coastal town in Western Australia. Along with the new content the base game has gone free, so you can check out episode one and decide if you want to pony up the $3 for Cleopatra’s Curse. Our review came in at four-and-a-half stars, well worth the effort, especially for fans. You can also make your way to our forums for the game for more info.

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