Feeler gauges deliver accurate grooves for banding

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I like to use bandings in my work, but they seldom come in the same width as a router bit. That means I have to cut the grooves in multiple…

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15 Things Every Man Should Own According To Tom Ford

There’s nothing in life that can’t be organised into a list, whether it’s a to-do list, a shopping list, or an every-reason-I-hate-my-boss list. One definitely worth a read, however, is this one by menswear maestro Tom Ford, who has compiled… Source: http://bppro.link/?c=WrQ

GoCardless cashes in with $22.5m funding, hires Skyscanner and Demandware execs

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Video Support in Lightroom Mobile and Web

As of Lightroom Mobile for iOS version 1.5.1, we gained official support for importing videos into LrM. To my knowledge, and the best of my sleuthing ability, there is not yet support for this in LrM for Android (I welcome any correction/clarification on that, please don’t shoot the messenger). How …