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Yesterday was day 11 on the Dawn Wall and Tommy and Kevin’s hopes were high that the skin on Kevin’s fingers were healing up well and it was going to be possible for him to really give pitch 15 a good go.  Pitch 15, however, bit back and re-injured the skin on his fingertips.  This is frustrating to say the least.  Kevin knows the moves and I’m sure has mentally sent this pitch a million times, but the Dawn Wall doesn’t relent very easily.  The sharpness of the holds on the crux pitches has added an element of difficulty to this route on top of finding the right weather and conditions and the difficulty of the climbing moves themselves.  As Tommy and Kevin have talked about, skin is a key variable they need to manage.  They have had to be obsessive about skin care, and just as working out the moves on this route has taken them years, figuring out how to doctor their skin has been a multi-year endeavor as well. So we wish Kevin fast healing!!!Kevin on Pitch 15.  Photo:  Corey RichTommy’s goal yesterday was to finish pitch 16, which is the last 5.14 pitch of the route.  Pitch 16 is a technical corner pitch.  After years of free climbing routes on El Cap Tommy has perfected this style of climbing.  Tommy was able to execute this pitch after warming up on the moves.  The fact that Tommy has made it through all of the crux pitches of the route is really exciting.  As I’ve said before…there are still a lot of pitches left to climb, but the dream of climbing this route is getting closer and closer to being realized.Tommy sending pitch 16.  Photo:  Corey RichMy two favorite guys.  Fitz feeding

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Essential Survival Items
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