Crispy Potatoes with Pesto, Tomatoes

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This type of food is my favourite thing about this time of year. Those recipes that are so quick to put together on a weeknight so you can sit outside and enjoy your dinner as the sun juuuust starts to set (although lets be real I’m probably sneezing 20% of the time because of all the pollen but OH WELL). Simple ingredients put together to make one delicious, perfect meal.

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This salad features one of my favourite carb-elements ever – sautéed potatoes. Is anyone else obsessed with them like I am!? They’re crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside a bit like a roasted potato but a) faster to make and b) less dry, I find. The perfect addition to a salad like this in place of something like croutons to show you that potatoes are more than a bit on the side! Because hey, white potatoes get a bit of a bad rap in the ‘wellness world’ as people seem to demonise any carb which is white. But hello did you know they’re a source of fibre, especially if you leave the skins on as I always do! They’re also high in vitamin C and Potassium  which are essential micronutrients. Potatoes themselves are naturally fat free so if you need to control your fat intake, they’re a great option. Something else people tend to overlook is that potatoes are very cheap so when you’re on a budget they’re a super accessible source of nutrition including the all-important carbohydrates that your body needs. Plus they’re locally grown in the UK

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